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The Dangers Of Cannabis As A Stimulant – A reader’s Report


The Dangers Of Cannabis As A Stimulant – A reader’s Report

A reader’s report.


I want to divulge parts of my story to treat cannabis with caution. Cannabis, on the one hand, is a raw material and remedy, but, on the other hand, a drug that can cause a heavy dependence. What I’m writing here is basically private and should not be a guideline, it should stimulate self-thinking and criticize the use of cannabis, especially when it comes to very early substance abuse.

Everything that is there is correct and underlined conditionally. Funny is that I know the first part of the article from the movie “Pineapple Express”. What I can say is: I stoned for the first time at the age of 12 and then regularly at 15, later every day … until 14 days ago. I am now 28 years old and for me cannabis is anything but harmless. I’m not talking about psychoses or anything like that, they have to be latent to be pushed, I’m talking about the daily use / abuse of cannabis. It is very addictive, so strong that I have even today (14 days abstinence) even physical, probably psychosomatic withdrawal symptoms. It is a drug that permanently changes the brain. Addiction is a disease that permanently changes the brain. It will stay that way all my life. Addiction can not be cured.


The disease can be stopped by abstinence and you can recover. Healing is simply not possible in fact, structures, neurons, synapses, connections have changed. My father is a specialist (psychiatrist, neurologist and addiction therapist, substituting heroin addicts with methadone and other substitutes, such as Subutex). I am by no means the only one with my strong cannabis addiction, many do not know that and how dependent they are. My first attempt was to quit 17, almost 18. I was 3 months in a youth psychiatry. I woke up in a white, bare room on my 18th birthday. Thanks cannabis, thank you. 10 (!!!) Years later, so now, I am quitting my first time out of my own free will and conviction. In March 2016, my mother detected lung cancer with metastases in the brain, end stage. Of course, I immediately thought of what I had heard about Rick Simpson and his cannabis oil.

I have learned a lot about it, interviewed friends from the Netherlands and even considered making this oil. Of course, legally all this is very delicate and since I enjoy my life in freedom, I have left it. My mother has made an alternative cancer therapy, on the one hand following a procedure of Dr. med. Klehr and on the other hand traditional Chinese medicine. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy was out of the question because most people do not survive. My mother feels good, she is still under medical supervision and is very attentive to herself. The big deal with the disease, right? But that would go too far now, if I also leave out about it. What I really want to say is that cannabis has great medical and social benefits. The fibers, the cannabidiol (CBD), etc., but not the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that is psychoactive. Although THC has some beneficial effects, it does affect the nucleus accumbens (the reward system in the brain). Among other things, this brain region is stimulated with the messenger dopamine and pulses are sent to other brain regions. Feelings of euphoria, relaxation and well-being set in. To get this “reward” again and again, it is then gekifft until you feel only about a “reward” and can enjoy little else. That is my experience.

For some years, these positive sensations have been shown only very rarely. I know strong anxiety, paranoia, doubt, pondering, aggression, panic attacks, to name just a few negative side effects. The kids read the article and think it’s good to smoke. Kiffen is not good. The dose makes the poison. The dose will rise if you regularly drink. Addiction is nothing easy, funny or beautiful. I would be happy if both sides of the medal are illuminated. You can not be unconditionally pro cannabis. CBD yes, THC no. Every problem is easier to master without drugs of any kind. Only a clear mind can make clear decisions. Thank you for reading.

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